Health & Safety
Ryker Oilfield Hauling

Ryker Oilfield Hauling Ltd. believes safety is not something extra added; it is an integral part of our operation.  Management shall conduct all work while maintaining sound practices and procedures.  Ryker is committed to ensuring the health and safety of its employees, contractors, sub-contractors, and the environment.

To support our health and safety program, Ryker Oilfield Hauling Ltd. has identified three goals that are specific to all elements of our Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) Program.
  1. 1. People: Zero workplace related injury or illness
  2. 2. Equipment: Zero unintentional equipment damage
  3. 3. Process: 100% compliance to legislative and leading industry standards


It is the duty and responsibility of each employee, contractor, sub-contractor, and visitor to ensure that all business activities are carried out in a manner that will foster these 3 goals.

  • Health & Safety